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rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

What is Rainwater Harvesting? It is the accumulation of rainwater for reuse on site rather than allowing it to run off your property. In its most basic form, Rainwater Harvesting consists of placing a rain barrel beneath the downspout of your home, collecting rainwater to distribute to your flowerbeds/vegetable garden. This can be accomplished with the simple filling of a watering can or in conjunction with your irrigation system. Stored rainwater helps to replenish groundwater supplies with water that would normally flow to storm water systems.

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting is a desirable option for those businesses that want to help reduce water bills and water consumption. By collecting rainwater in large cisterns placed underground, distributing water to its turf/landscaping with the use of an irrigation system is easy and economical.

Little Squirt Irrigation installs Rainwater Harvesting systems. Listed on this website under “Portfolio” you will find a photograph of the cisterns used to water a horse pasture in Sinking Spring, PA.